Why advertise with the Knutsford Times?

The new responsive layout of the Knutsford Times has been designed specifically to support our very own local business as the site and all of its news content including adverts can be see no PC’s, Tablets and mobile phones!

For the last four years Jonathan the Editor has had his finger on the pulse with excellent local interest stories in the Knutsford area.  This is and always will be fundamental to the success of the site and we recognise that local people want a voice and that is exactly what the Knutsford Times provides with many of the articles written by you on subjects related to your hometown that you feel strongly about.

Having gained some really valuable lessons from developing the site we decided it was the right time and the right economic climate to take the site a step forward by giving everybody a reason to visit Knutsford.

The Knutsford Times receives thousands of unique visits every month and predominantly from the local population. Contact us using the form below if you would like more information

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