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NGN Business Numbers – what are they & how do they work?

By on April 14, 2022

NGN Numbers, a closer look…

Choosing the right telephone number for your business is important. With so many available it can be tricky selecting one. Do you pick a national 03 or 08, or a geographic local prefix?

Before making your choice let’s look at what NGN (non-geographic) numbers actually are. What’s more we’ll highlight how choosing a reputable provider can help?

Non geographic numbers are used by businesses of all sizes. They are a popular choice for many, from one-man bands right up to blue chip companies and those in between. With that in mind they’re certainly worth a closer look.

As the name suggests, non geographic numbers are not location specific – unlike geographic numbers such as 0161 (Manchester) or 01632 (Newcastle) for instance. Great news if you want to appeal to a wider audience.

NGN telephone numbers are:

Why Choose a Non Geographic Number?

Easy Routing

Stored in the cloud and easily managed via a handy app, these smart business numbers offer flexible configuration and ongoing use. 

In today’s world of hybrid working so many of us now split office and home-based work spaces. Versatile non geographic numbers lend themselves to modern working environments allowing you to make changes to your telecom set up wherever you are, on the road, onsite or even on the school run.

Number & Data Tracking

Non geographic numbers can be tracked in real time providing essential call data such as:calls taken, answered, missed and their duration.

Call Features

There are a variety of call features available with NGNs. Here are the top 6:

  1. Voice2Email – allows voicemails to be delivered into a designated email box(es) as an audio file ready for you to listen to at your convenience.
  2. Call/Time/Day Plans allow weekly call routing schedules.
  3. Call Forwarding can be done using mobiles or existing desk phones without extra equipment.
  4. Welcome Messaging greets callers with a bespoke message even before speaking to a call handler.
  5. Call Queue places callers in a cloud-based queue where they can be notified of their position and listen to music and advertisements whilst waiting. 
  6. IVR (Caller Menus) allow callers to be directed to designated departments, services or people.

Disaster Recover
Accidents happen and they can result in telecom downtime – costing businesses massively. When you choose a reputable NGN provider you also choose access to a reassuring ‘disaster recovery’ plan, rerouting your telecoms in an instant should the worst happen.


With monthly plans available 03 & 08s are an affordable option. They’re affordable for your callers too as 0800/0808s are freephone and 03s are either free or no more than a local rate call.Quality

Non geographic calls are of the same quality as regular mobile or landline calls. This is especially true if provided by Tier 1 telecom companies who will work directly with main networks to maintain optimum standards. 

Already have an NGN but not happy with your current phone company?

Non geographic numbers can be transferred between providers via a simple ‘porting’ process. Porting takes around 2 weeks and there is typically no downtime to your service. 

It is worth regularly assessing what you pay for your NGN. If you’re not sure how your provider measures up, a price comparison can be obtained with a quick look at your current bill.

Would you like a new non geographic national phone number?

Feel free to call 0330 332 0400 without obligation or email

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