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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

By on July 4, 2022

As the world becomes increasingly more digital it isn’t surprising that virtual phone numbers have also become a firm reality in today’s telecoms. But what actually is a virtual phone number and how do they work? Basically, virtual numbers are cloud-based, which means that they enable businesses to be contacted without the need of any specialist phone equipment. All you do need however is quite simply an outbound phone line. 

These versatile numbers are easily routed to a landline, mobile(s) or even SIP trunks. So wherever you are – in the office, on the road or away on holiday, you can receive all-important customer calls without the need for any expensive gear. Saving you time and money – that’s got to be a good move right?

How do Virtual Phone Numbers differ from Regular Numbers?

Unlike regular phone numbers virtual numbers do not restrict you to one specific location or particular device. They can be easily routed to one or multiple locations – typically configured via an online portal or handy app. In a post-pandemic world of hybrid working, having the flexibility to route to staff (wherever they are) is invaluable. Once on your platform you’ll soon discover that rerouting is a quick-click exercise. Incoming calls are received in exactly the same way as regular incoming calls would be. There is no delay on the line, no change in tone and the quality is just as good. Of course choosing a Tier 1 service provider will ensure that you enjoy excellent quality at all times – even in the most rural areas.

Geographic and Non-Geographic Virtual Numbers

When choosing a virtual phone number for your business you’ll need to firstly ask yourself, do you want to create a local or national presence? Virtual phone numbers are available as 03, 08 (NGN Numbers) or regional options – giving you the ability to create a virtual presence in your local area or much further afield. Just imagine living and working in Manchester yet advertising a London number – you can create a different geographic office(s) in an instant. It’s quick and much less expensive than actually being there.

Looking into the future…

It’s pretty clear to see that your virtual phone number can be easily routed to landlines and or mobile(s) – that’s the flexible beauty of them. OK, now let’s fast-forward to 2025. You may or may not know that in three years time fixed-line telecoms is set to become obsolete as VoIP solutions take over. Rest assured, your virtual phone number can make the transition too – simply by routing it to a SIP trunk/IP address. Your telephone number is integral to your branding and underpins your communication so it’s good to know that your virtual number can adapt with the times.

Hopefully we’ve given you an in-depth insight, answering key questions such as: What is a virtual phone number? How do virtual phone numbers fit into your business? 

If you have more questions or would like to activate a virtual number for your business call 0330 332 0400 or visit www.numbersupermarket.co.uk

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