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Couple speak of success as low cost re-brand proved positive for business.

By on March 20, 2009

Stephen Thornton and Alison Scott were both made redundant during 2007, Stephen from his job as a Business Development manager and Alison from her job as a Business Analyst within the utility industry.

They purchased the well known town centre sandwich purveyor in January 2008 after seeing the business advertised as a “going concern”. Even though the couple were familiar with Knutsford they were unable to spend any recreational time in the town. After a more frequent visits under the guise of research they were impressed with the friendliness of Knutsfordians and was and the visual impression of the area that drove them to invest in the business.

During the first few months trading they began making changes to the day to day running of the business such as longer opening hours, implementing a free delivery service and an offering an extensive Breakfast Menu. Part of the takeover and restructuring excersize was to renegotiate with existing suppliers and sourcing the best meats and sandwich fillings at the best price.

Due to the regularity and historical nature of Beatties customers the couple insisted on maintaining some familiar items. The bread is baked daily at Goostrey’s bakery in Mobberley, the salad ingredients come from the local market, the fresh eggs are sourced from a local farm and their soup and selection of sandwich fillings are home made on the premises.“people who have lived in the area for the last 15 years passed comment that they weren’t aware that there was a sandwich shop there!” Alison Scott

After ten years, the shop frontage has remained the same and although a familiar venue for office staff and worker bees the general consensus was that the shop was invisible to new customers. Armed with initial customer feedback the decision was made to transform the shop and it was time for quite a dramatic change

A challenge was set for Stephen and Alison with their ideas to transform the property due the constraints of a listed building and covenants with their lease.  It was also important to maintain the historic persona of the town and retain an image of quality for existing and potential new customers. As a result they simply re-painted and re-signed the frontage and invested in a free standing A-board.

The cost of change has been offset against the benefits that they have been able to achieve. The business team feel that they have successfully raised their profile in Knutsford and can report an increase in footfall and financial upturn against the previous year “We can definitely say that credit has got to be given to our increased visibility due to our new look”

A recent change had been made to House on Cotton Shop Yard, King Street. Owner Jenny feels that since she repainted her shop front more people have been peering through the window with interest and shopping with her. She also remarkied that many people has actually inquired as the brand of paint that was used!

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