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£30m Deal for Knutsford’s Landmedia

By on May 22, 2009

Knutsford business Landmedia (Swinton Square) have announced a buyout deal with its joint venture parter Avondale Environmental Ltd. Ammongst an aray of opperations, Avondale specialises in generating electricity from the gasses created from landfill waste to be sent back into the national grid.

“Currently the landfill generates and exports 6.6Mw to the grid making it a provider of energy to the nation. approximatley enough to supply 3,000 homes” Source. Avondale website.

Although the knutsford times has tired to contact Landmedia without success, the news its self is representative of unhindered progress with British businesses. From other sources we also learned that the deal was supported by some substatial banking support from the HSBC.

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