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Festive networking fun for independent businesses owners

By on November 16, 2012

It’s that time of year again. My friends complain incessantly about their works choice of venue for their festive merry making. Too dark. Too small. Too far away and the food is hell. And still I’m envious.

If you run a business single-handedly or work from home for a larger company then lunch times can be a pretty solitary experience let alone the thought of a Christmas “do”! There’s no one to complain to about the salary or bounce ideas off and not a friendly face in sight to make you a brew when you’re snowed under. In fact it’s easy to become a little bit of a hermit when rusty social skills make networking a daunting task.

Welcome to the 12Noon Club!
12Noon is intended to provide a friendly and supportive setting where everyone is in the same boat! Each person will know exactly the curse of how the most menial of chores look so enticing when we know we should be working!

The first lunch, Tuesday 4th December, and 12 Noon’s Christmas “DO”, Tuesday 18th December will be hosted by The Railway Inn, Mobberley, who will offer a pr-eordered homemade lunch.

So whether you’re an artist, proof reader, therapist, interior designer or mechanic come and revel in some good company and share a few secrets to assist knuckling down! If you would like to host a 12Noon lunch then we’d love to hear from you too.

Please contact Zoe Garner to reserve a place: 01565 872467

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