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“Keep Off” Warning to Countryside Criminals

By on March 19, 2009

David Richardson, Costain’s project manager said, “Costain were appointed as principal contractor in March 2008 and have for the past 12 months operated the Stublach site in a respectful and responsible  manner ensuring the impact  on the local neighbourhood is kept to a minimum. Recognising that rural crime is an ever-present concern for the community, Costain is pleased to provide support to this crime reduction initiative.”

Police Constable Mike Dawber, from the Rural Watch Team of Knutsford Neighbourhood Policing Unit said, “We are grateful to the companies. The Rural Watch scheme covers detection and prevention of crime, and the signs touch on both aspects. “Farms, dairies, stables and people who live in remote rural houses are taking positive action to stop crime. These signs make that clear. Criminals who think the countryside provides easy pickings need to think again.”

The Rural Watch project started 18 months ago and currently has more than 150 members on an email database. Early warnings about possible criminal activity, appeals for information, and some good news stories all go out by email. The National Farmers Union passes on some of the material by text to more than a hundred farmers in the area.

In the past three months the Rural Watch Police Team,  Mike Dawber, Constable Mike Nash and Police Community Support Officer  Andy Dolan, have recovered more than £100,000 of stolen property and arrested a man breaking into a vehicle.

Information from The Rural Watch scheme played a major part in an operation to prevent the theft of high-value farm equipment across a wide area.

Mike Dawber said, “The scheme is proving that rural communities can work together to beat crime in the same way that the Home Watch organisations do. Anyone who is interested in joining can contact me on 01244 612713.

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