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Police warning: Distraction burglaries

By on August 25, 2009

Beaming Antisocial behaviour
On the 19th August, police were called by a number of local residents over concerns of antisocial behaviour at Old Market Place and the Moor. Laser pens were also involved and used in an irritating and potentially dangerous manner to some nearby homeowners. The police do not think that it will be an ongoing affair as it is considered to be part of the usual summertime antics from the younger end of Knutsford society

Charities deprived of donations
Also on the 19th of August, in the early morning hours, Martins newsagents on Tatton Street was forcibly entered. Two young men were seen leaving the store through a window after stealing charity boxes. The investigation is currently ongoing but if you have any information regarding this crime please call the Knutsford Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0845 458 6380 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. Your call will be treated with confidence.

Driven to distraction
Sadly we have to report a case of a distraction burglary on Drury lane where a car had been stolen along with laptops and some other personal items. The incident happened on Sunday 24th August. as the investigation is ongoing we are unable to comment further on the matter, however we were sent a comment from the victims.

“Answering your door to someone representing a respected charity on a sunny Saturday afternoon does not sound like a sinister situation; it’s not a physically threatening, menacing or usually even a noteworthy event.  However when you realise personal possessions are missing and an expensive car is no longer parked outside your own home a feeling of pure naivety, embarrassment and anger overwhelm you as you realise the man at the front door was a distraction for someone else to enter at the back of the house and take whatever they could. 

“As I sat with a very helpful police officer going through these events, I still had a real sense of disbelief that this had happened to me; I left my back door open on a hot day and now have to live knowing that I am a victim, a statistic of crime.  It has been a life lesson and I fear most won’t learn without experience, so I urge anyone who reads this to remember that people who carry out attacks like this only need one chance, if there is an opportunity for them expect it to be taken.”

Police Advice: make sure before you open the door to anyone you dont know, that they have a photocard ID. Make sure that there is a number that can be called on the card and check for an official uniform, if in doubt call the police don’t be afraid of calling if you are unsure or suspicious. Please call the Knutsford Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0845 458 6380 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. Your call will be treated with confidence.

7th Sept Library PC Matt Ambrose is holding a surgery for anyone to come and visit – please call 0845 458 6380 – for exact times.

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