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Another Cannabis Farm Closed

By on September 7, 2009

Police officers who raided a large house in Nether Alderley on Friday (Sept 4th) discovered more than a thousand plants in various stages of growth.

A specialist firm have removed the plants and will dispose of them.

Detective Sergeant Andy Preece, from Knutsford Neighbourhood Policing Unit said, “Every room in the house was adapted for growing the plants, with heaters and hydroponics systems. Power cables were hanging everywhere.

External and internal walls had been lined to retain heat. It was extremely dangerous; a typical example of a cannabis factory.

“We set up the operation to search the premises because there was local concern about the suspicious nature of movement to and from the house and about the way windows had been screened off.

“These production plants are a lucrative money-earner for organised criminal gangs operating internationally. People need to be aware that they exist and we would ask anyone who thinks a house or commercial property in their neighbourhood is being used for this purpose to get in touch with us.

“We would also warn landlords to make sure you know who you are letting property to and what they are using that property for. The work criminals carry out to convert the buildings for cannabis cultivation often involves knocking big holes in the structure for heating ducts and ventilators. It creates an enormous amount of mess and makes the property a high fire risk. Being careless about your tenants could cost you a lot of money.”

A fifty years old Vietnamese woman was arrested and charged with producing cannabis and abstracting electricity dishonestly at the Nether Alderley property.  She will appear at Macclesfield Magistrates Court today. (Monday)
Anyone who believes premises in their neighbourhood may be used for cultivating cannabis should call the Cheshire Police Information line, 0845 458 0000.


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