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Disconnected for cash: Copper wire theft

By on September 23, 2009

Over the last 6 weeks there have been a number of thefts from manholes around the North-West. This involves the offenders lifting off the man hole cover, either climbing in or reaching in and cutting as much of the copper cable as they can.

This cable can then be sold for scrap. The offenders will always have a vehicle and usually pick isolated country roads and lanes to commit the offence. The most recent was 21/09/09.  If your phone lines, internet or sky go down, this may be the reason.

This may not seem like a serious problem, however the value of these cables can be as much as tens of thousands of pounds. There was a recent type of one of these Thefts in High Legh, Knutsford and it is possible that a blue coloured Isuzu trooper 4×4 was used in committing the offence. Knutsford Neighbourhood Policing Team are currently investigating this theft.

I am appealing to members of the Knutsford Ruralwatch scheme, to keep an eye out for such a vehicle around manholes in remote country lanes around Knutsford. Any sightings should be reported to Cheshire Police switchboard on 0845 458 0000 quoting incident no 888 of 16/09/2009. Alternatively if you see such a crime in progress contact 999.


Arrests were made by the team following a phone call from a member of the public who witnessed a male taking copper piping and cables from within a BT manhole. With the current high value of scrap metal, this type of crime is on the increase. We encourage any one who suspects this activity is taking place to dial 999 as the cost of the damage is immense as is the disruption to those who lose the use of their phone lines.

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