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Speed: Be Aware!

By on June 21, 2011

On Wednesday 15th June Knutsford Rural Neighbourhood Policing officers and Traffic officers attended at Little Bollington Primary School along with Cheshire Fire and Rescue to take part in a Road Safety Day.

The day involved Officers stopping vehicles travelling in excess of 40mph along Lymm Road, Little Bollington.

Drivers who are marginally over the 40mph speed limit are given a presentation by the Fire Service and school children.

Drivers who were caught speeding were firstly interviewed by students of Little Bollington, as to why they were speeding past their School and are then shown a DVD containing images of road traffic accidents and the consequences of accidents where drivers have been speeding.  In total 19 vehicles were stopped and driver education given.

Please report any suspicious incidents to Cheshire Police 0845 458 0000 and give any non-urgent information that you can to myself via this email address or the phone number below.


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