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Lock it or loose it!

By on December 30, 2011

Police in Knutsford are warning motorists to protect their belongings by locking their vehicles.

this is in response to a recent increase in thefts from unattended cars and vans in Knutsford and the surrounding rural areas. The advice from police is to remove any items of high value from the vehicle or at least move them out of sight and also to lock vehicles.

Sergeant Alex McMillan from the local Policing Team said “rural parking areas and residential locations with little or no lighting appear to be the areas most heavily targeted by thieves, the most attractive items are hand held electronic devices such as laptops and smart phones”.

Police have increased patrols in the areas most affected by this recent increase in thefts and will work with partner agencies in an effort to reduce the number of victims of this type of criminality.

Top 5 items wanted by thieves.
tablet PCs
Smart phones

Submitted by Sergeant McMillan
Neighbourhood Policing Team

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