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Knutsford Police ask rural residents to be vigilant after a number of thefts

By on October 23, 2012

Police in Knutsford are warning residents and businesses in the Rural areas of a slight increase in crime.

Thefts have been occurring across Knutsford including Mere, High Legh, Chelford, Mobberly and Nether Alderley.

The thefts have included lead stolen from golf clubhouse roofs, sheep stolen from farms, catalytic converters from vehicles and tools/electrical equipment from garages. The offences have occurred at all times of the day although evening and overnight are the main offence periods.

Inspector Griffiths in charge of Neighbourhood Policing for the area said: “It is very important to put this into perspective. These crimes are still very rare but we have seen a small increase recently involving thefts in the rural areas of Knutsford. We still have a low crime level and all my staff are focussed on reducing it further. As well as ongoing police activity, I urge the community to play their part in a few ways.

“Firstly by preventing offences being committed. Ensure cars, houses, outbuildings are locked and secure when unattended. This makes life much more difficult for offenders to carry out crimes and actually puts them off from trying in the first place.

“Secondly I urge the community to report suspicious activity at the time it is happening. So this may be a vehicle or people who are out of place. Please report it to us, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, and we can decide on the importance of that information.

“If the police and the community work together, we can tackle these issues. My staff are well prepared.”

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