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Another Win Under Pedlow's New Regime

By on March 3, 2009

Knutsford went to Bramhall on Saturday aiming to continue the recent good run of form. However, with the umpires still checking their watches Bramhall scored the opener as the Knusford defense parted. Following this shaky start Knutsford held the ball in possession well and were by far the most dominant team in the first half. Fielding, Drake and Hickson provided good finishes to take Knutsford into a comfortable 3-1 lead at the break. 

Following the halftime interval, Knutsford resumed in dominating the game adding another 2 goals as some quality build up play set up Piers “God’s Gift” Fielding twice more. Knutsford’s 4th goal may not have been if it had not been for Bramhall’s goalkeepers kindly lifting his foot up to let the ball roll in to the net.

With about 12 minutes left with the score at 5-1, having the bare 11 players really took its toll on the Knutsford team who promptly decided to make a game of it by conceding 3 goals in the space of 10 minutes bringing the score back to 5-4. Despite Bramhall’s heroic comeback Knutsford held out till the end to take all 3 points and continue their progress up the table.

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