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One Hundred Years of Hockey

By on June 19, 2009

After a sensational 2008/9 season Knutsford Hockey Club are soon to enter their 100th year. With hugely popular teams and enthusiastic members, the club is now remarked upon as one of the strongest in the region with exceptional sportsmanship and strong social ties off the pitch.

The modern field hockey game is fast paced but it is infact the oldest known ball-and-stick game and is believed to date from the earliest civilizations.  The game is now played competitively all over the world. The sport has always been a stable activity for schools up and down the country and proves to be a great recruiting ground for local clubs wishing to restock member base with young talent.

Although Knutsford have tasted sweet victory many times, they need your support in making this, their Centenary year, the best. The club is looking for volunteers to help plan its Centenary year activities and build on what is already fast becoming an iconic organisation.

Are you a past player who would like to get back in contact? 

Perhaps you like to be involved in planning this very special event?

With a number of events already scheduled this year represents a number of sponsorship opportunities and interested parties are advised to get intouch with the club to secure the best promotional spots.

If so please contact Janice Tasho – 01565 631 044 – or come along to our next meeting – Wednesday 1st July, 7.30pm in the Angel pub, Knutsford.

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