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Knutsford Town Council to draw up new events protocol for The Heath

By on March 16, 2018

Following the presentation of a 429 signature petition from residents, Knutsford Town Council is looking to draw up a protocol in relation to events being held on The Heath.


The Town Council will also be writing to organisations which use, or intend to use, The Heath to make them aware of the law relating to holding events on the land.

The petition that residents signed said that The Heath is Common Land that’s protected in law and should be accessible to all and not fenced off for profit.

The petition was started following the proposals for Pub in the Park on The Heath.


Cllr Peter Coan said: “If the right to roam that land is impeded in any way permission shouldn’t be given.

“Knutsford Town Council has a responsibility now to bring it to every organisation’s attention that they have to apply under section 38 of this act [Commons Act 2006] if they intend to erect any sort of fence on The Heath that prevents people from walking on any blade of grass they choose.”

Councillors backed Cllr Stewart Gardiner’s motion to ask the town clerk to seek appropriate advice so a protocol could be drawn up in relation to events on The Heath, taking account of issues raised by the public and ensuring the council was acting responsibly and within its powers.


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