Channel 4 is looking for singletons to take part in popular dating show Naked Attraction.


The controversial show, hosted by Anna Richardson, which first aired in 2016, sees contestants put their naked bodies on show for a member of the opposite sex to scrutinise and choose the body that floats their boat.

Once a match is selected the couple then go on a fully clothed date.

To take part just head to the Studio Lambert website and click apply now. You can even register with Facebook as they already have all your data harvested or alternatively you can do it the old-fashioned way and enter your details manually.

Understandably there are quite a lot of terms and conditions involved in this so here’s a rundown of some of them:

  • That you are aged 18 years or over on the date of submitting your application and a British National and/or have the right to reside in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland and that you are not employed or engaged and have not been previously employed or engaged by any company within the All 3 Media Group or Channel 4 and you are not a live-in partner or immediate relative of an employee of or worker for any company within the All 3 Media Group or Channel 4.
  • You acknowledge that we will be carrying out background checks, including criminal record background checks, on all contributors. If you have anything in your past or you become involved in any criminal and/or civil proceedings or other conduct that may attract negative press or publicity at any time after submitting this application, you will make us aware of it immediately.
  • If you are shortlisted you agree to undergo a psychological assessment by an independent psychologist.