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Consultancy firm brought in to support Cheshire East with workplace culture

By on March 29, 2018

Cheshire East Council has appointed a consultancy firm to help transform the workplace, which has recently come under scrutiny amid accusations of ‘bullying’ and a ‘toxic culture’

Sticky Change, who list Everton among their clients, has previously worked with councils in Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield amongst others.

At a meeting of CEC’s staffing committee on Wednesday, Sara Barker, head of strategic HR, led a presentation on how the council aims to move forwards with Sticky Change’s help.

“I personally think this is a really great opportunity for CEC,” she said.

“It’s a real opportunity to holistically and collectively, as members and staff, look at how we are going to not only take forward the recommendations of Sarah Messenger [from the LGA], but work collectively to build and develop the culture within the council.”

During the programme, a series of workshops will be held for staff and councillors, designed to ‘set and define the culture and behaviours’ of CEC.

Cllr Rachel Bailey, Conservative leader of CEC, said: “It’s about reaching as many members as we possibly can and drawing on expertise from as many areas as we possibly can.”

The first staff forum in the programme will be held on Monday, before the first members’ forum takes place next month, and representatives from Sticky Change reassured the committee that its workshops would be engaging.

Regular updates on the programme will be provided to the staffing committee, which will ‘act as a critical friend’, according to Cllr Arthur Moran, the committee’s chairman.

Cllr Janet Jackson, Labour, added: “It is so important that if anything is raised in these workshops, that it is dealt with in the correct manner.

“I feel that one of the reasons why everything has got to the stage it has is because it hasn’t been dealt with correctly.

“I really want this to work – we all really want it to work.”

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