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Cheshire Housewives calls out Cheshire East council

By on March 30, 2018

Former Real Housewives of Cheshire star Leanne Brown has called on Cheshire East Council to take action to mend significant potholes on the road outside her home in Mobberley.

The £5m mansion off Pavement Lane is linked to council-owned Gleavehouse Lane and she has commented that it’s so bad that cars are being damaged, taxis refuse to drive up it and her mother fell whilst walking the family dog.

She said: “The road has been neglected over the years, and if they come they fill up the holes with stones and then a few weeks later it’s back to the same if not worse. The craters are a joke, it has caused so much damage to our cars and others who come to visit or work, it has now resulted in taxis refusing to pick us up and my friends not wanting to drive here.My mum has fallen whilst walking the dogs a few times, it’s totally unsafe!”

Their house is currently on the market and Leanne has said that it is impacting on the sale of her property. She added: “People might assume because ‘oh he’s a footballer’ we should fix it ourselves but it’s not as simple as that as it is a council-owned road. And we’ve paid enough taxes over the years so why should we fix it? I’ve been on to the council about it for the past two years but nothing seems to get done. The last time they came out they just filled the holes with stones but that doesn’t fix the problem.”

A spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said that extra resources are being directed to tackle the pothole problem across the borough – and pointed out that two roads in Mobberley adjoining Leanne’s have recently been repaired on Hall Lane and Town Lane.

The spokesperson said: “The council’s highways service is working hard to deal with the number of road defects and potholes caused by constant freeze and thaw weather conditions. We have increased the number of teams to deal with this important work so that our roads are safe. Our highways teams repair an average of 150 road defects each day.

“The council recognises that residents are concerned about the number of potholes and our highways service is working throughout the borough to address the problem on a priority basis. All reported potholes and road defects are inspected and we have directed additional resources towards tackling the problem. The council recently agreed to invest additional capital to repair our roads.”

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