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North West charity award grant extension to research bone cancer in children

By on May 9, 2018

North West children’s cancer research charity, Friends of Rosie, announce a further grant award of £65,000 to fund a second year of research into the treatment and improved detection of rare bone cancer in children.

The grant is for research into osteosarcoma – a rare type of bone cancer most common in children and adolescents.

There’s an urgent need to develop new therapies that target metastatic osteosarcoma as well as detect the disease better and earlier.

Dr Katherine Finegan, a lead researcher from the University of Manchester who is funded by Friends of Rosie said: “This project is researching the role of a protein called, ERK5, which is believed to advance the spread of osteosarcoma tumours. We are researching the effect of inhibiting or removing ERK5 on the progress or spread of tumours.

“So far our research has critically revealed that it’s no good to just slow down or block the activity of ERK5, it needs to be removed altogether for effective anti-tumour activity.”

Says Chair of the Friends of Rosie Scientific Advisory Board, Professor John Hickman, “The first year of this project has enabled the development of an effective measure for the way osteosarcoma tumours develop and spread and the reasons why this happens. With this additional year of funding, Dr. Finegan and her team will conduct further experiments to give sufficient statistical data; improve the imaging methods to detect the spread of tumours; and test the effects of standard chemotherapy versus chemotherapy combined with the presence of the ERK5 protein.

“It is our hope this further year of research data will enable this project to achieve larger-scale funding that could ultimately change the outcomes for children diagnosed with osteosarcoma in the future.”

The charity gives their thanks to all supporters and fundraisers who have helped to secure this additional year of funding for this vital research project.

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