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Proposed plans to lose Mobberley Road lorry park

By on October 5, 2018

Knutsford Town Council has voiced concern over plans to lose Mobberley Road’s lorry park.

Councillors expressed concern over a proposal to allocate the site to plots for travelling shows such as fairs, circuses or shows.

The council was asked for views as part of Cheshire East Council’s consultation on the Local Plan.

Councillors supported Cllr Stewart Gardiner’s proposal to express the town council’s concern to Cheshire East over the proposed loss of the lorry park. The council will ask for evidence Cheshire East’s intentions for the site.

Cllr Peter Coan said: “With the frequent M6 closures and lorry drivers stuck in traffic and starting to approach the end of their drivers’ hours it’s vitally important there is a facility to pull off the motorway and park overnight if needs be. There is space on this site for 11 or 12 articulated lorries and for them to turn, and for this site to be lost I doubt whether we could find a suitable 12-day articulated lorry site in this vicinity.”

Cllr Gardiner said that if lorries were pulling off the motorway at night looking for somewhere to stop he would prefer to see an improved lorry park “which properly serves those people rather than them ending up in lay-bys or pulling up at the side of the road”.

Cllr Coan said lorries regularly parked up at night in the lay-by in Mobberley Road, as well as in Middlewich Road and Manchester Road.

The consultation on the second stage of the Local Plan runs until October 22.

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