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Cheshire huntsman appears to whip protester

By on January 1, 2019

Footage has emerged that appears to show a Cheshire huntsman using a whip to hit a protester during a hunt on Monday afternoon.

Anti-fox hunting group Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs (CHS), which posted the video on Facebook, said the incident occurred in a field in Ollerton.

The footage shows a man riding a horse dressed in traditional fox hunting attire confronting the male demonstrator.  The protester is dodges the horse and rider, before the rider attempts to strike the man a number of times using the handle of a whip. The huntsman then leaves.

In a statement on its Facebook page, CHS said it saved a fox which it alleged was being pursued by the hunters. The rider in the video, the group claimed, “couldn’t contain his anger and violently attacked our sab (saboteur) with his horse and his whip. This is the reality of what we have to deal with when we spoil the bloodlust of these violent individuals.”

Fox hunting is illegal.

A protester who witnessed the incident said: “He began to ride into him and hit him with his whip. Being on top of a horse, and also using the animal as a weapon, our saboteur had very little chance of defending himself.”

In other footage posted on social media, another member of the hunt can be heard threatening a protester.

“Get here now, I’ll cut you in two,” he tells a demonstrator on the other side of a fence.

CHS said it called police three times, but officers failed to respond.

Cheshire Police, however, said it was investigating an allegation of assault.

“An investigation into the allegations is continuing and officers are continuing to speak to those involved and are reviewing footage to establish the circumstances,” a spokesperson said.

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