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Knutsford Zanos wins ‘Responsible Care’ Award

By on May 6, 2019

Zanos Ltd. was the proud recipient of a ‘Responsible Care’ award presented at the annual Chemical Business Association’s awards luncheon, one of the largest events held in the UK for the Chemical industry. The association has members from across the UK chemical supply chain – from distributors and traders to logistics and service providers.

Held at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel in London on April 17th, the event attracted nearly 1,000 members and their guests.  Winning one out of four possible categories, the small Cheshire business received the award for best office-based Distributor Member.  The CBA recognises the  achievements of CBA members in raising the standards of health, safety, security, and environmental management in the chemical supply chain and presents the awards annually.

Zanos mainly focuses on the supply of ingredients, both synthetic and natural, to the flavour and fragrance industries.  It represents a number of producers from countries stretching from France to Israel, China and India.  Zanos founder and director, Julian Sarkar, was delighted with this recognition.

“As members of the CBA since 2008, we are delighted to receive this prestigious award. Zanos has worked hard. We have undertaken a recent in-depth analysis of all aspects of Responsible Care and improved our procedures. It is used as a sound foundation base from which we develop a number of aspects of conducting business and our approach to customers, suppliers and other interested parties. I am very proud of my team which has worked diligently together towards achieving this common goal – the results of which have now been reflected by the award.”

Founded in 2000, Zanos employs five members of staff and uses a broad range of consultants to conduct business in the UK, Europe and sometimes further afield.  Aroma chemicals and natural materials are used by flavour and fragrance manufacturers to develop and produce blends for packaged food products and consumer household and body care products. Zanos also offers a diverse range of speciality chemicals for use in several applications such as water treatment and plastics.

Zanos employees regularly attend CBA training workshops and seminars in order to be up to date on current regulations and standards. To qualify for the award, candidates needed to submit supporting indices of performance and improvement plans with their application. The company has also represented the UK chemical industry in discussions with Westminster in preparation for Brexit and conducts regular visits with global suppliers to evaluate their commitment to safe working practices.

To find out more about Zanos and the wide range of products offered, visit

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