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Knutsford Town Council looks to revive twinning with Paris suburb

By on June 7, 2019

Knutsford Mayor Andrew Malloy is is considering rekindling the twinning links between Knutsford and Montmorency – a wealthy suburb of Paris – that first started in 1981.

The joint approach has faded in recent year, but Cllr Malloy is looking to kickstart the partnership once again.

As part of a family holiday to France in summer, he will visit Montmorency in an official capacity as the Knutsford mayor, with the intention to discuss the possibility of twinning again.

He said: “Officially the twinning is still in place; it has just waned over the years,”

Cllr Malloy used his casting vote to approve a motion to revive the twinning link after the vote was tied at five-all, with three abstentions.

Town clerk Adam Keppel-Green said town twinning was initially developed following the Second World War as a way of bridging the gap between communities across Europe.

“Its focus was on bringing together the citizens of different countries and cultures,” he said.

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