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Knutsford PC wins title of UK’s Strongest Police Officer

By on July 7, 2019

PC Ian Cosgrove, a response officer at Knutsford, has won the title of the UK’s strongest Police Officer.

He won the annual competition in Lincolnshire, competing against 50 other officers from across the country in dead lifting, shoulder pressing, Atlas stones, Yoke into a Farmer’s Walk and 10-tonne truck pulling events.

The events were timed over 60 seconds, with PC Cosgrove deadlifting 180 kg 15 times in one minute and lifting a series of stones weighing between 70 kg and 100 kg in the Atlas Stones challenge.

The Yoke involved supporting 200 kg over 15 metres, and the Farmer’s Walk involved walking the same distance carrying 80 kgs bar in each hand.

“Throughout the competition I was in second place, and going into the last event was two points behind the leader,” said PC Cosgrove. “I knew the last event was close, and I had to do a good time. I won the competition by one point. I was surprised that I’d won, as I thought I’d come second, and very happy. I have always enjoyed gym training, and was hoping to do well in the competition, especially after doing quite a decent time in the truck pull, and gave it my all, with the hardest event probably being the deadlift.”

PC Cosgrove received a trophy and medal to mark his success in the event. It was his second attempt at the competition, and he plans to compete again next year.

The competition was held in aid of the Police Dependants Trust and MIND, with donations being accepted on the day.

A Knutsford Police spokesman described PC Cosgrove’s success as ‘a fantastic achievement for such a dedicated officer’.

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