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Fresh start for unwanted hens in Cheshire

By on August 1, 2019
Non profit organisation Fresh Start for Hens (FSFH) is rehoming hens in Cheshire this month.
The organisation is run by volunteers who are dedicated to rehoming hens from the commercial egg production sector after they’re deemed commercially unviable at just 72 weeks old.
They support the work of British farmers who offer free range eggs and reach mutual agreements with farms around the country to rehome their hens.
The hens are collected from the farms by a team of hard working volunteers early in the morning, they are then driven to collection points throughout the UK and rehomed the same day, these collection points are also run by volunteers. There is a lot of hard work, planning, organising and collaborating that go into these rehomings and it is all run by volunteers who most already, have full time jobs.
FSFH ask for a minimum donation of £2.50 per hen to cover costs of fuel, feed and expenses in rehoming. They also ask for pictures of your chicken coop, run and free range area so that they know they are going to good retirement homes.

The next rehoming date is 17th August, where there are 3000 hens who are in need of new homes, there are several collection points in the North West including Crewe. There are many different Collection Points up and down the UK, more details about Fresh Start for Hens, the work they do and how to reserve hens for yourself can be found at

This year alone FSFH have already found new homes for over 23,900 hens, and are already planning a rehoming for another 5700 hens in September and October.

The charity said: “Hens make fantastic pets and each one has their own personality, they are funny, cheeky and love to help in the garden. They also have the added bonus of laying eggs for breakfast! If you are new to chickens, Fresh Start has an amazing online community where people will answer your questions and give advice and support when you need it, it’s a very friendly group. If you decide that you would like to reserve some hens but don’t think you’ll have time to get things ready before the next rehoming date, come along to the Fresh Start group on Facebook and have a chat with us, we’ll also notify you of the next rehoming dates and the closest collection points to you.”

If you can help us get our story out there, it would be much appreciated. If you require more information, please do get in touch.

The local Crewe Fresh Start for Hens Facebook page can be found at

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