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Beloved family pet dies after ingesting algae in Cheshire forest

By on August 1, 2019

A beloved family pet sadly passed after swimming in toxic blue-green algae at Delamere Forest.

Kendall, a King Charles Cavalier, was out with his owners at a motor show in the area when he took a dip in the lake.

Owner Matt Browning, from Kingsley in Frodsham, said: “It got a bit hot – we had done it hundreds of times – so we had a little paddle.”

Throughout the journey home six-year-old Kendall seemed fine.

When they arrived home Matt explained that the pooch even jumped up on the sofa, acting like his normal self.

However, a short while later Matt’s wife Marie noticed that Kendall looked a little unwell.

Matt, sales director at CTC Tiles in Altrincham, explained how within 20 minutes Kendall’s head fell and his owners realised he wasn’t breathing.

He said: “I picked him up and his head went down and he stopped breathing.”

After rushing to a vet who lived next door, she advised them to immediately take the King Charles Cavalier to the nearest veterinary clinic.

Arriving at the clinic Kendall’s owners were told there was nothing they could do as their beloved family pet had tragically died.

Matt said: “I couldn’t let go of him in the car park – I couldn’t accept it. Kendall won’t just be missed by his immediate family, Matt explained.

When they would go away Kendall took up residence in a nearby pub, and quickly became a favourite with the locals.

Matt, who had owned Kendall since the dog was two, said: “There was devastation in the pub when the news was out that he had passed. Everyone was crying. He was a proper little personality and a special little dog.”

A toxicology report confirmed that Kendall’s death was caused by the presence of toxic blue-green algae in the water at Hatchmere Lake.

The Forestry Commission carried out tests on the water and Cheshire Wildlife Trust has since closed the lake for public use .

Yesterday a spokeswoman for Cheshire Wildlife Trust said: “Following the closure of Hatchmere Lake, we strongly advise that people do not go swimming or allow their dogs in the lake as blue green algae can be extremely hazardous to health.

“We will be monitoring the situation on site and more signage has been put up to inform the public. The reserve however is still open to explore.”

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