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Wife Of Congleton Man Seriously Hurt During India Cycling Tour Calls On Lawyers For Help

By on August 12, 2019

The devastated wife of a British man seriously injured in a crash during a cycling holiday to India has called on legal experts to help her husband access vital rehabilitation needed to aid his recovery.

Ronald Jervis, from Congleton, suffered a serious head injury – which has left him with a loss of function in the right side of his body – as well as spinal injuries, double vision and fractured ribs, when he was involved in a head-on collision with a three-wheeled pickup vehicle.

The vehicle is believed to have veered over to the wrong side of the road and into the lane in which Ronald, who is known as John, was correctly proceeding. The incident occurred during the third day of a cycling tour in Nagercoil, in Tamil Nadu, India, on 10 February.

John and wife, Jill, were enjoying the trip, which was one of many that they had planned following John’s retirement from working as an IT support specialist in 2017.

Following extensive treatment in India, the 65-year-old returned to the UK in March and was initially looked after at Salford Royal Infirmary before he was transferred to The Devonshire Rehabilitation Hospital, a specialist neuro-rehabilitation centre in Stockport.

John recently returned home after more than five months in hospital.

Now, John and Jill have instructed Irwin Mitchell’s specialist International Personal Injury team to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash and to help him gain access to financial support to assist with his recovery.

The legal experts have vast experience of helping victims injured in incidents across the globe to get the answers and justice they deserve.

Cheryl Palmer-Hughes, the legal expert at Irwin Mitchell who is representing the couple, said: “Jill remains understandably devastated by both the crash and what John has subsequently gone on to face.

“The incident is perhaps made even more shocking as it occurred while the pair were enjoying their retirement and looking forward to a bright future together.

“Following our instruction, we have already started to examine the issues surrounding what happened and are ultimately determined to ensure that John will be able to get access to the support he now needs.

“We also hope that our efforts may ensure that lessons can be learned that will prevent others who enjoy cycling holidays from suffering similar issues.”

John and Jill, a retired fitness and pilates instructor, have been married for nearly 36 years. They have three adult children together.

The couple were just days into their two-week break in India when the incident occurred during a tour booked with Cycling UK. The couple have been keen cyclists for a few years now and Jill was riding in front of John when the incident occurred.

The loss of function in his right side means that John cannot speak properly and has swallowing difficulties, with the latter meaning that he was initially fed by a tube for over four months and still requires a modified diet. While he has already shown some improvement since the crash, it is anticipated that he will face a long recovery.

Jill said: “We began cycling a few years ago and thoroughly enjoy it. On most weekends we would cycle up to 100 miles with another 60 miles throughout the week. We had been on cycling trips abroad before, however, I can safely say that we have never experienced issues like we did in India.

“We were never given any information on traffic in the regions where we were cycling or even specific detail for that day – there was only a vague mention of possible congestion in an itinerary sent after we booked.

“John retired in 2017 and we had so many plans for the future, but now that is all up in the air. Our family is devastated by what has happened and the incredible uncertainty that we now face.

“I am determined to ensure that John can access the best rehabilitation services, and am thrilled has finally returned home. He will still face many challenges and I am aware that there is a long road ahead.

“We also want to know if more could have been done to prevent this so hopefully nobody else in the future has to experience what we are going through.

“No one else should have to go through what we are facing at the moment.”

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