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Banner of Gratitude

By on March 1, 2009

The Kenyan School is linked to Egerton Primary School Knutsford, both having been formed by different Lords Egerton of Tatton. In 2004 the Knutsford School formed its Kenya Project which has proved to be of great benefit to the children of both schools from a cultural, moral and social point of view.

Money has been raised in many ways to help the 700 plus Kenyan pupils who only receive about £7 per pupil per year for books and other teaching aids. The many initiatives have helped build team spirit qualities as well as being fun for the Knutsford children. 

Knutsford Lions have been supporters of the project for sometime and towards the end of 2008 donated a further £400. Last November two teachers from the Knutsford School spent a week in Kenya and amongst other things learned that the donation was being spent on laying a proper floor in the main classroom and other areas which were dangerously bumpy and very dusty.

At a recent presentation to Lions members regarding their visit, the teachers concluded by handing over the banner. It had been produced despite the very limited resources available to the Kenyan pupils, and this made it all the more pleasurable to receive.

Every effort is being made by the staff of Egerton Primary School Knutsford to continue and develop the Kenya Project for the benefit of the two linked communities.

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