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Moor support always needed.

By on March 9, 2009

The Friends of the Moor have been promoting a greater awareness to the problems of careless waste dumping and the support required in maintaining the Moor space.  Currently, this group of volunteers are the only people that are providing their time, effort and support to ensure that this valuable public space is kept clean and operational.

Their triumphs are evident in the renewal of the wildfowl boards, regular litter picks, bird boxes to improve the richness of birdlife, blub planting and soon a new playhouse to add to the newly tarmaced area.

Patricia Lee’s exciting and creative public art project, in association with the Heritage Centre and Macclesfield Borough Council, clearly highlights the need to keep our public spaces alive with enthusiasm and energy. Her ideas, seeded from the Mandy Mandala Superlambanana, have spread a virus of artistic passion.  Drawing on the Moor and it’s varied wildlife as inspiration more than 150 local residents have taken part in creating mosaics of Great Crested Moor hoppers and Red Billed Sneezer birds, part of an exhibition later this summer at the Knutsford Heritage Centre.

This level of engagement brings about the potential for steady change in current public apathy and commitment that people are willing to make to improve our town and local society.  There is a chance to get involved with the Friends of The Moor’s work in three weeks time (Sunday 29th March) and join them and others on the organised litter pick.

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