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St.Patrick's Day in Knutsford

By on March 20, 2009

St. Patrick’s day was trumpeted by only two venues in Knutsford, The Knutsford Wine Bar and The Lord Eldon Pub and refreshingly, each venue took a different approach to the celebration.

The Lord Eldon gave away wearable novelties and pumped irish music out courtesy of the local  DJ, him self being from across the water, ensured that the gathered Eldonites engaged well with the theme.

The Knutsford Wine Bar with its different target audience was a more sedate affair in the evening. To keep the spirit of the day and for one night only Vanessa and Tim Hatton (owners) reduced the price of Guinness to just £2.50 per pint. With live music and traditional irish stew, if not a little pricey at £12 per portion,  carried the celebratory irish theme though till closing time.

Both events were well attended and more importantly not just by the English but the Irish too. The occasional accent, softened by the years of living in england, could be heard ordering pint after pint of the black nectar as the Guinness kept on flowing.

The St.George’s Day Parade in Knutsford is a vibrant and well attended event that is important to village life. However isn’t proceeded by drinking and cavorting about the town nor marked the by are platters of roast beef and yorkshire puddings. so why don’t we celebrate St.George’s Day? Its one that always goes unanswered, perhaps its a “Nationalism” issue, maybe we are all too embarrassed to be English?

We can still Celebrate Englishness and push aside the familiar negative tones of Nationalism. Is it that we are not able to celebrate in the same way that the Welsh, the Scottish or the irish do without it getting out of hand?. Perhaps its now time to charge the St.George’s Day spirit in the town and make a concerted effort in restoring some national pride.

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