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Operation Clean-Up. Target: The Moor

By on March 31, 2009

Its was freezing cold on the Moor last Sunday (29th March) as a small team of volunteers scoured the grassland for litter. Armed only with bin bags, pincers and scarves, the dutiful team trudged through the undergrowth from one end of the Moor to the other. 

The Friends Of The Moor originally formed the committee to exchange ideas, resolve issues and create an implementation plan centred on the “Park Strategy” for The Moor published by Macclesfield Borough Council in January 2003.

The F.O.T.M‘s aim is to “promote the use of the Moor for leisure and recreation in a clean and safe environment.” and by working with the local council they have been able to achieve some admirable results. Rubish collection in bright yet freezing conditionsMore recently the team added birdboxes, promoting the spread of wildfowl, and planted bulbs to improve the visual impact of this town centre landscape.

The team are also responsible for regularly clearing the River Lilly that appers to collect a remarkable quantity of debris from trees and thoughtless individuals. On this occasion The F.O.T.M were joined by two volunteers from the Blue Planet Aquarium near Liverpool who, with conservation at heart, were able to advise the clean up team on best practice. Clearing up litter is no easy task thanks to the carelessness of others but this group of devotees should earn the respect of anyone in Knutsford.

The crowning achievement for this litter pick was the removal of the sofa that had been a festering mess and a point of discussion for some six months.  A question must be raised as to why the council had not seen fit to remove the rotting peice of furniture earlier. Amongst other items removed were traffic cones, a wooden pallet, various pieces of twisted, rusting metal and a pair of residential “for sale” boards.

Mark Ambrose from the Cheshire Wildlife TrustIn total twenty eight bags of rubbish were filled by the fifteen strong clean-up force in no less than two hours. Mark Ambrose from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust (pictured left) , was also on hand helping with the operation. The trust works to protect wildlife across the Cheshire region and have been supporting The Friends Of The Moor for the protection of rare plants and mammals. They have been acting for Cheshire’s wildlife at a local level since forming in 1962.

If you wish to get involved and support The Friends Of The Moor team to help keep the Moor a pleasant place to visit, please visit their website for further information. You can also read more about the work undertaken and ongoing projects by The Cheshire Wildlife Trust through its highly informative website.

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