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Manor Park plays host to Shadow Chancellor

By on May 3, 2009

He moved steadily from classroom to classroom in the carefully orchestrated visit, which proved positive both for teaching staff and children who were visibly impressed with Osborne’s presence and genuine interest in lesson-time activities.

George Osborne’s visit to Manor Park School & Nursery was a wonderful opportunity for the children to engage with the Shadow Chancellor and gain a valuable insight of our country’s political processes. The School Council, made up of ten or so children, had devised some clever and well thought out questions to find out about his life in parliament, how the government supports our community and the importance of balancing the books.

The children were keen to hear about the job of the Shadow Chancellor and were intrigued at the idea of a shadow head teacher! The representatives of the School Council were extremely proud to give Mr Osborne a tour; showing off the new allotment and explaining about all the exciting activities that take place in school.

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