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Official opening Age Concern East Cheshire.

By on June 12, 2009

The former Jumper store has been stocked with clothes, bric-a-brac and other salable goods for a number of weeks now but the new Age Concern outlet offers much more than just charity items.

Age Concern East Cheshire has been focusing on I.T learning since 2003 and the New Horizons centre in Macclesfield that has experienced strong uptake and over the past six years with remarkable grown in popularity.

The Knutsford store now features a brand new computer suite designed to support and educate the towns senior citizens. It is to be the proudest feature of the centre with classes and support on offer to all eager learners in the locality.

A primary aim of these I.T suites, is to take the fear out of computing by demonstrate email usage, internet accessibility, simple word processing skills and getting pictures onto a computer  through a gentler learning experience. This will be beneficial long term for those wishing to engage in today’s technological movement and connect new users with friends and relatives all over the world.

Age Concern is not only able to furnish the elder population with new and key technology skills but is also bridging the gap between those that wish to learn more about technology and the army of frustrated offspring unable to provide the much needed support as a result of complex and busy lives.

Appart from fixed centres, Age Concern East Cheshire also hold classes in the community at varous locations. For more information just give them a call on 01625 612 958 and they will add you to their programme

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