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BBC Radio4's Any Questions makes a covert appearance at Knutsford High School

By on June 13, 2009

Intro:The panel included Phillip Hammond, former banker & industrialist and now Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Outspoken blogger MP Frank Field. Jill Kirkby, Director for Policy studies and Billy Hayes former postman and now General Secretary for the Communication workers union representing 270,000 members.

Having a BBC programme broadcast from Knutsford was good for the Town, but it would have been more generous for the Town to have received as much detail as a panel member.

It was gratifying that some 300 people from the area were interested enough to turn up to a political programme.  Panel members were the usual split of political opinion so there was little that was new came out of the programme.  Questions nominated by the producer to be asked, were topical but had been aired in depth already in the press, i.e. BNP MEP gains, and Post Office privatisation. 

In my opinion there was a fair amount of posturing on predictable party lines, but hardly any debate, and sometimes too much time was allowed on one question.  A more interesting question which was not given air time, and had not been raised recently in the press, was Lord Mandleson’s remark that day, that we should join the Euro.  Unfortunately the best part was the fifteen minute warm up.

Click here to open the BBC iPlayer to listen again to the programme.

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