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George Osborne praises the Friends of the Moor

By on August 10, 2009

Unseasonal penetrative rain diverted all public activities to the confines of the heritage centre today. It was a little after half past two when we caught up with George, the Friends of the Moor and attending councillors who had assembled and were already deep in discussion.

The effort dedicated to The Moor project is highly commendable, confirmed by the recently awarded Green Flag status elevating the quality of Knutsford’s most used green space.

Tatton MP, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne gave praise to Cheshire East Council and the exceptional volunteer group, The Friends of the Moor, with a show of gratitude and respect for all parties involved. The combined efforts of both teams have made this valuable space a place to enjoy, for the people of Knutsford and beyond.


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