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Tatton TV goes live!

By on August 14, 2009

Over recent weeks we have received subtle complaints about our video reportage not being accessible enough.

Although not as arduous as it seems, users currently have to trawl through hundreds of pages on the Knutsford Times to find each one video report. So, after investigating different methods to deliver this, short of completely redeveloping parts of the knutsfordtimes.com, TattonTV was born. (thanks to Jack Littler for helping out with the name.)

The site will also allow the inclusion of third party videos, rather than act as an exclusive media offering for knutsfordtimes.com advertisers and events. Individuals and groups wishing to draw awareness to local causes and charity events can invite TattonTV to shoot short awareness or fundraising videos.

TattonTV will film, cut, edit, encode and upload for ultra fast deployment of videos. The webTV station will also provide a limited amount of creative direction and pre-production for commercial presentations. This is done in the same media production way but at a greatly reduced cost, due to lower resource requirement and available technologies.

TattonTV is a more commercialised media offering for localised events, but essentially it will provide a single destination for all videos and reports by the Knutsford Times. TattonTV will also offer short (up to 1 minute), and low cost, advertising to companies that wish to broadcast their products and services from as little as £199.

The webTV station makes extensive use of almost all video sharing systems, such as youtube, vimeo etc, to consolidate informative and relevant local footage. Commercial presentations that require clean, unbranded presence can also be loaded directly to the TattonTV server.

Why not logon today and learn more about TattonTV

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