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A taste of 1950's Britain comes to Knutsford.

By on September 21, 2009

For almost nine months the King Street shop has been devoid of life with only regular deposit of dead letters to change the scene. A little over ten days ago, activity was spotted at the shop with builders and joiners moving about the place in preparation for what appeared to be the birth of a new business.

The next door unit recently let to a ladies clothes emporium, Glamorous. This has parked renewed interest and local comment that perhaps all it not lost and that doom and gloom in Knutsfords retail economy could be lifting.


More about Mr.Simm’s

Mr Simms’ Olde Sweet Shoppe was formed in July 2004. The Initial idea was inspired by an etching of an old fashioned sweet shop discovered in a copy of a 1958 confectionery magazine. Extensive market research realised that confectionery specialists had dwindled over the decades, consistent with the demise of most small independent retailers. Today there is a sameness in most towns and cities that leaves a door wide open for a new, creative and unique type of retail outlet.

Among the standardization of high street shopping, it has become predictable, both in types of shops and the product they sell, making day to day shopping dull and boring. Retailing needs an inspirational and memorable shopping experience with a product range that tantalizes the taste buds of children of all ages. Discovering a Mr Simm’s Olde Sweet Shoppe creates a nostalgic atmosphere that encourages every customer buy their favourite sweets from childhood memories!

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