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Seconds come first for thriving cut-price white goods retailer in Cheshire

By on September 29, 2009

Discount supermarkets, shops and cash and carry chains have seen a stark upturn in trade due to the economic slump.

In recent months, retailers like Aldi and Poundland have reported soaring profits thanks to buyers eager to get the best possible value for their money. Savvy shoppers are well aware that they can save a packet on their weekly grocery bill if they play their cards right and forgo a swish shop floor for more utilitarian surroundings.

But it’s not just the things you can fit in your trolley that you may be paying over the odds for.

Many people won’t be aware but you can also get quite amazing discounts on brand new white goods such as fridges, cookers and microwaves. And followers of the Knutsford Times can do it on their own doorsteps thanks to an independent local business called the Discount Appliance Centre, which operates from two sites in Cheshire.

The Discount Appliance Centre is owned by Knutsford man Adam Cash, who has lived in the town all his life. The company has branches in Winsford and Macclesfield and offers brand new, big name household appliances at a fraction of their normal cost.

The business can offer such sizable savings by buying in goods classed as seconds by the major manufacturers. But, as Mr Cash explains, that’s no reason to be put off.

He said: “We stock high quality factory seconds with huge discounts over regular High Street prices. But they’re manufacturers’ own very slight seconds – they come boxed from the manufacturer with a full guarantee but they might have a very slight mark on them, for example.

“It’s well worth it when you’re talking about discounts of 50 per cent and above and if, say, you can save yourself £150 on a fridge, most people are perfectly happy with that.

“ We also deal with the seconds from a major high-class UK retailer,” Mr Cash added, “and we sell their American-style fridge freezers, which retail at around £3,000, for around £1,200. That’s a saving of £1,800 or well over 50 per cent. Not bad really, is it?!”

The business started out with Mr Cash selling “a few bits” on eBay in 2001 under the name Secondtek Ltd. “We found there was a gap in the market for high quality, branded appliances but without the high retail price,” he explained.

The enterprise soon grew into a multi-million pound affair, doing well over £1 million a year, but Mr Cash was keen to provide a localised, personal service which he believes the Discount Appliance Centre fulfils.

“We’re a very local company,” he said, “and you get a very friendly, personalised service with us. Call in and talk to us – we’re more than happy to spend a bit of time chatting to you and find out if we’ve got what you need. We also do full installation and service.”

The Discount Appliance Centre’s main branch is on Winsford Industrial Estate and has more than 8,000 appliances in stock at any given time, thanks to a 25,000 square foot warehouse. The Macclesfield store can be found on the town’s Churchill Way and between them, the two branches sell everything from hobs through to cooker hoods, ovens, kitchen accessories and medical fridges.

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