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Love Knutsford: The Forum bears fruit

By on November 5, 2009

Earlier this year, Tatton MP George Osborne asked the local council to assemble a group of decisive and experienced Knutsford business and socially enterprising individuals to support a campaign for the promotion of Knutsford.

Since that time, the forum has seen a number of different faces come and go due to work commitment or perhaps loss of faith in but now the the group has a hard core of committed individuals dedicated to support the promotion of Knutsford. Part of the groups work is to demonstrate a united force in the support of trade and the addtraction of business into the town by means of identifying the key areas in which the towns real assets can be driven.

seeking champions for each area. etc…

Knutsford now has a solid brand identity and structure that will help to attract matched funding and drive trade into the town. The “Love Knutsford” campaign will provide a platform for the key areas in need of promotion. Taste Knutsford, Explore Knutsford, Enjoy Knutsford and Shop Knutsford now give the forum 

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