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DON'T PANIC: We still have a tree!

By on November 20, 2009

Earlier this week the main Christmas tree arrived promptly in Canute Square in time for the Celebrations due to take place on the 25th. This morning a number of concerned residents reported to us that the tree was missing. Fearing the worst, we visited Canute square and found the protective railings securing an empty space. After contacting the town centre manager, Diane Smith at Cheshire East Council, it was revealed that the tree that was in fact not of a sufficient standard for the town and had been taken away.

The second tree arrived shortly after but sadly, that too wasn’t bushy enough and it’s spindly nature was not befitting of the character of the town nor the setting. Town Clerk, Mathew Jackson contacted the responsible parties to complain about the newest tree and so it was removed. Canute square now awaits the third installation of a sumptuous and bushy 18 Foot Christmas tree sometime today.

Residents that contacted us can can now rest assured that the missing tree was a result of Knutsford Town Council ensuring that Knutsfordians are treated to a quality Christmas centrepiece.

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