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Working party in force at Egerton

By on November 29, 2009

Last Thursday, a volunteer group consisting of parents from both Egerton Pre-School and Primary School, helped to put their Environmental Garden “to bed” for the winter period. 

Mr. Steve Nixon, Environmental Club leader, commandeered the draining of the 5×6 meter pond (in none other than bare feet) to refresh the water as well as encourage nesting by the ducks that often visit with the placement of a bathtub filled with new pond plants.  Steve Young will be handling maintenance of the 50×18 meter garden which includes a bespoke storytelling area of carved seats created by local woodcarver, Tim Burgess, a sensory maze, and role-play house and pergola with climbing scented plants.

Despite the heavy rain from the prior week, the team were able to plant new herbs and plants in the sensory maze, protect two Dicksonia ferns from frost, and rake the abundant amount of leaves which were reused as compost over weed control fabric in the dwarf fruit orchard located in the back of the garden.  The orchard, planted last May, was the recipient of the “nettle-prevention” action plan in order to allow the school children to move freely – and painlessly! – through the plum, apple and pear trees come Spring.

Many of the items used on the day were purchased at Travis Perkins, who kindly offered a discount to the charity-based pre-school in their endeavor to maintain the magical outdoor learning space.

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