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Sir Bobby Charlton praises Knutsford

By on November 29, 2009

The switch on was a great success.  There has been excellent feedback from people on the day, KAOS, who want to do it again next year, street traders who said it was better than Chester, and mainly of course, the presence of Sir Bobby Charlton to switch on the Lights.

He was engulfed with children who wanted his autograph, and was very patient with them, but he did have to leave to attend the Man.U game.  With increasing attendance, in future there may have to be more consideration to crowd control.

The timing was good as it allowed people to bring younger children and still have them home around their usual bedtime.  It has been suggested that next year the event should finish with a firework display, but this would need sponsorship.

Rick Dallimore was a great MC again and deserves a big thank you.  I also thank all those who took part in the event, such as the two schools, Mereside Brass, and everyone who worked on the project before and during the evening.

Councilors personal reflection:
When I was nominated to be part of the xmas lights Sub Committee for the Town Council- the group charged with organising the Christmas lights Event – my feeling was let the people of Knutsford witness something spectacular. I believe the town Council gave them just that…. And more.

The Reindeer had come back to Knutsford after receiving a tremendous welcome last yr and did not disappoint – but we did not stop there – I believe in moving on and luckily the Sub Committee agreed and soon we were in the enviable position of considering 2 major celebrities who had offered their services free of charge to switch on the lights..

To the amazement of Knutsfordians we managed to give them Sir Bobby Charlton. The Amateur operatic Society in Victorian costume was a lovely gesture and by involving local school’s we managed to give the event that extra special feel. We really have set the bar very high this yr and that can only be a good thing for the people of Knutsford.

It was a fantastic occasion and really brought the true meaning of Christmas to knutsford – we will be starting preperations for next years xmas lights event in Jan 2010 so you can be rest assured we are not resting on our laurels – The future is Bright for Knutsford.


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