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A flush with success…

By on December 9, 2009

With 20 million passengers traveling from the airport each year to more than 190 destinations, an army of up to 300 toilet attendants from Initial Air Services work day and night to ensure that the 1015 toilet bowls, 464 urinals and 1021 sinks are the cleanest in the UK.
The airport’s Terminal 1 Concourse toilets and Terminal 2 Passenger Prep Area toilets we’re rated and graded as ‘five-star’ on secret visits by judges from Loo of the Year Awards organisation, which is held in high esteem by the British Cleaning Council, enjoyEngland and the British Toilet Association (BTA)
Manchester Airport’s Head of Customer Experience, Sarah Barrett, said: “The airport has won some very prestigious awards this year, but we are absolutely delighted to have earned this recognition because in order to meet the expectations of our customers, we must get the ‘basics’ right.
“The award extends to all of the cleaning staff – they are among the many unsung heroes of Manchester Airport.”
Our passengers get through 43,930,000 metres of toilet roll each year – if ‘unrolled’ this would stretch the equivalent distance of flying Manchester to Singapore (10,938 km) four times – or – Manchester to New York (5,385 km) eight times.

Linda Turner, Senior Operations Manager for Initial at Manchester Airport, said: “It is great to gain this recognition and it is a credit to all our attendants who literally have to deal with allsorts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”
Our passengers use 15320 litres of soap each year – the equivalent amount in aviation fuel would be enough to fly a Boeing 737 from Manchester to Marrakesh and back (2,473 km each way).
Mike Bone, Managing Director of the Loo Of The Year Awards, said: “All of the 1500+ entries in the 2009 Awards were graded against over 100 strict criteria to recognise the best toilets throughout the UK.”
He added: “The provision of first class, clean, hygienic and safe toilet facilities plays an integral part of ensuring a high level of customer services for all those who need ‘somewhere to go’ when away from home. Congratulations to all of our winners.”
Our 300 toilet attendants use around 900 mops every year; however, the amount of ‘elbow grease’ used to keep the 1015 toilet bowls, 464 urinals and 1021 sinks in sparkling condition is, unfortunately, immeasurable.

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