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Badger goes home for Christmas

By on December 15, 2009

He was particularly lucky because he just happens to live in an area where he was able to receive the very best of attention.
When he was found in Holmes Chapel with a broken hind leg it was thought that nothing would be able to be done for him. He was taken to Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital in Ollerton and Warden at the centre Ray Jackson MBE, knew exactly who he had to call to help fix the ailing badger. Edward Davies from Cheshire Pet Veterinary Practice in Holmes Chapel works on a regular basis with Lower Moss Wood, so both he and his team are already very familiar with treating not only small pets but also wild and exotic animals.
After a full assessment Edward made the decision to operate and inserted a plate in the badger’s leg, this decision can never be taken lightly as there are many more issues with wild animals such as stress, reaction to anaesthesia and just the time it will take post operation for the animal to recuperate and get back to full fitness.
But this very fortunate badger had two experts in their field to look after him, the operation went well and he was returned to Lower Moss Wood for the leg to heal and receive excellent ongoing care.
Everyone from Cheshire Pet and Lower Moss Wood were desperate to see him returned back to the wild and if possible by Christmas.  Sure enough the leg has fully healed and the team were able to carefully return him to his original location and he is now back with his family in a secret location to enjoy special badger festivities!

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