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DANGER: Lake Walking in Tatton Park.

By on January 11, 2010

The continuing cold spell ensures that Tatton Park continues to look beautiful, wrapped in its blanket of snow. Many people have been taking advantage of the scene enjoying the opportunity for photography, winter walks in the Park or Gardens or a welcome hot drink in the restaurant.
However, the winter weather also brings risks to the wreckless. Brendan Flanagan, General Manager said, ” We have done everything we can to provide a safe environment for people to enjoy the beauty of Tatton in its winter coat. However it appears that some people still take foolish risks, endangering themselves and others. I have heard reports from the local area of people walking on frozen ponds and lakes and I must stress that this should never be attempted. It is a dangerous thing to do. The tickness of ice cannot be easily judged and the waters are dangerously cold. for everyone’s safety People should not attempt to go on the ice on any of Tatton’s Meres or other water bodies in the area.”

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