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Following the visit of Egerton staff to Egerton in Kenya in November 2008 three other Cheshire Primary schools were linked with schools local to Egerton in Njoro. These were:

Wincham Primary – Njoro Primary

Leftwich Primary – Ndarugu Primary

Middlewich Primary – Kilimo Primary

The Egerton Primary Schools’  link has been awarded the Global Curriculum Projects Grant of £6000. This provides funding for 2 staff from each school to visit their link school as well as funding for curriculum resources for a three year plan. Our plan is based around the curriculum packs that were exchanged in November. This first year is focusing on Food. An exciting development has been that Egerton in Kenya are now aiming to develop an ‘Early Years Unit’ for children from 4-6 years. As the grant only provides funding for two staff the Headteacher will be funding herself as will Chris Wright, a retired teacher who is visiting as a volunteer and Early Years specialist. Two staff from Egerton in Kenya will be visiting Egerton in Knutsford in March 2010, funded by the GCP grant.

The other three Primary Schools applied for the British Council’s Reciprocal Visits Grant of £2000. Wincham and Middlewich were successful. This grant is funding their visit.

Multiflex UK Ltd is employed by all of the Cheshire schools to provide high quality PE teaching for PPA cover. The director Mark Webb is also a Governor at Middlewich. Mark and his team have been extremely supportive of the Egerton link and funded themselves to accompany Egerton staff on their visit in 2008. They were instrumental in forming the other links. They also provided a significant amount of sports equipment. Mark Webb organised the first stage of the ‘Kenyan Schools’ Link Sports Festival’ held at Egerton in September 2009. Children from the four Cheshire schools took part to earn points for their link. This competition will be repeated during the visit in February with the Kenyan schools. The partner schools which earn the highest number of points become the partner champions. Multiflex are fully funding themselves.

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