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Hope for all seeking Dental Treatment

By on January 20, 2010

Current figures show that around 50% of all NHS dentists throughout the UK are unable
to register anymore patients; and with populations ever increasing and NHS dentist funds
decreasing, serious questions are being raised as to what people seeking dentists are to
do. Experts remain divided as to whether or not the growing industry of cosmetic
dentistry is a good thing, but many hope that the innovative idea by DentalXpress could
provide the answer.
Following the recent opening of a private cosmetic dentist surgery in Knutsford, it is
thought that people could be seeking private dental treatments in view of there being
fewer NHS dentists available regionally. Unlike appointments with NHS dentists, which
are becoming increasingly unavailable, private cosmetic focused dental surgeries are
seeing an influx in patients. However, it is necessary for basic dental care to be carried
out before cosmetic dentistry can be performed. Many are even worried about how to
reach emergency dentists should they not be registered with a dentist (be it private or
Despite private dentists having their benefits, many cannot afford this private dental
treatment; which is where DentalXpress come in to save the day. DentalXpress have
launched an innovative new scheme in which mobile dentists are situated in areas that are
in desperate need of extra dentists. Containing many of a dentist surgery’s amenities, the
mobile dental surgery contains several patient rooms, a reception, disabled toilets, staff
rooms and a freephone telephone number for people to book appointments with. The
scheme also hopes to target certain groups such as schools, universities, the homeless,
prisoners, armed forces and many more. NHS Leicester County and Rutland are the first
Primary Care Trust to introduce the new scheme to their communities; and with one
mobile dentist surgery hoping to treat around 400 people a month, it isn’t hard to see why
they have invested in this ground-breaking scheme. With 6 other Primary Care Trusts
nationwide in negotiations with DentalXpress for the scheme to be initiated within their
counties, it is evident that this idea is fast growing at such a time of need.
The mobile surgery bases itself within an accessible part of the area it is serving and
remains there for six weeks before returning at least every month. The Government
themselves have issued a statement proposing their aims to try and ensure that by 2011
everyone who wants to see a dentist will be able to. However, with DentalXpress
reinvesting three quarters of their profits back into the scheme to expand and progress it,
it appears the NHS is looking to this scheme as opposed to the Government. With a
normal dentist surgery costing at least half a million, investing their money into
DentalXpress is a safer, cheaper and faster progressing project. And with their funds
being uncertain, the mobile dentist offers a fantastic short-term investment.
Visit the UK Health Centre & read more about dental treatments or find a dentist.
Monday 17th January 2010

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