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Transfer time! and no.. it's not the premiership

By on January 28, 2010

Its a big day for the Knutsford Times, not only was the KT 1 year old at the beginning of January week it’s about to move home. Currently the main site is run from a huge data centre but this is really designed to home enormous websites and massive applications. Although brilliantly powerfull and technically excellent its a major luxury that just does not make sence to maintain it.

So… from today and over the weekend every file, image and line of code will be migrated to a new more efficient server. There will be some bumps, a few pages might go missing and the odd image might vanish so we are asking all readers to email us directly if you see anything suspect on the site that we need to rectify.

Just to keep you in the loope, we are also going to be upgrading the entire management system allowing more and more peopel to write their own content, provide better search enging visibility and allow better tracking for advertisers. All in all its an exciting time – if you are geeky – for thre KT and hopefully we will be up and running on the new server under the main name.

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