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Knutsford High school students to become reporters on education rights for a day

By on March 16, 2010

They will interview Sandhya Venkateswaran, a W8 member and representative of ‘Don’t Break Your Promises’ who will be giving a lunchtime talk in the school starting at 12.15pm about education rights in India.  
Mrs Venkateswaran works for the Indian coalition ‘Don’t Break Your Promises’, which campaigns for all Indian children, girls in particular, to be granted access to education. On Monday she will explain how she ended up trying to persuade Ministers and Heads of States to act fast so that every child in the world can go to school by 2015.

During the event, the students will be encouraged to write blogs and comments about Sandhya for the Oxfam website, as well as doing their own video interviews and reports which will be broadcast online.

The school’s Principal Kevin Hollins, said: “Education should be about many things.  This work with Oxfam is important in its own right – for much tangible good may flow from what is being done – but it also has significance for the students themselves in opening their eyes to wider world realities.”

Jan Chambers, Deputy Headteacher said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for our Media Studies students to gain some practical experience in a real-life situation.  They are looking forward to Sandhya’s talk about access to health and education in India and globally and then having the opportunity to publish articles on the Oxfam national website and to write a blog.”

Worldwide 72 million children are out of school and over two-thirds of these are girls. The main cause of this is poverty but by 2015 the UN aims to meet all of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the second of which is the provision of universal primary education.

Sandhya is a member of the influential ‘W8’, a group of eight women from developing countries who highlighted the rate of maternal mortality in developing countries at the 2009 G8 meeting.  The group is currently on a tour that will take them around Europe and to Canada to call for more effort to meet the MDGs.

For more information about the event and an interview with Sandhya, please contact Serena Tramonti on 0161 2342922 and on 07825780651. Click here to view the offical blog on the oxfam website

Video Report from the event due shortly.

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